Social media may have started out as a fun way to connect with your friends back in

1997, but is an entire network all on its own. These days if you don’t have a social media

account for your business, not only are you missing out on future customers, but you’re missing

the opportunity to connect with them, to build a relationship.

Why is it important to do so?

What’s the big deal about social media?

Why is social media so important?

Well, just like television, radio, and newspapers, it’s media. Yet it’s the social component that makes it different. It allows an exchange between consumer and producer. When people feel invested in a product, company, or person, that loyalty pays off. In fact, many companies are now using their advertising dollars to pay people (influencers) to do their marketing for them. People on average spend about 145 minutes a day on social media and that’s an average!

So, what does that mean for you as an affiliate marketer?

Because of the way socials are set up, people you aren’t connected to, have the ability to see your posts. To interact with them. Lastly, and most importantly to use your affiliate link to buy the product you are promoting.

When you engage with your audience, they begin to trust you and trust is what you need to

promote your offers and make money. Being authentic and open about your why is just as

important. People resonate with others who are like them or have the same motivations in life.

While you get to promote your products, you’re also engaging with your customers and from

there, procuring new customers who are connected to them. If used the correct way, growing

your social channels can be monetarily beneficial to you and your business. Be on the look-out

for a post about growing your socials and don’t forget to follow buygoods for tips and tricks as

an affiliate marketer.